Who controls the Cairns Shipping Development Project and how will it's outcome impact on me?

  • The project is controlled by Ports North, a corporation owned and directed by the Queensland Government. It is not an independent organisation controlled by the communities in Cairns and Far North Queensland, like the old Cairns Harbour Board. 
  • This government has already announced that it does not support the projects DRAFT EIS outcome:  Qld State Treasurer Curtis Pitt was reported in the Cairns Post on 15 May saying.  “What we’ve said is that Ports North, as the proponent, can go back, recast that EIS and make another proposal which has an emphasis on onshore disposal.’
  • The DRAFT EIS for the Cairns Shipping Development project is due to expire on the 31st March 2016.
  • The project has already costs taxpayers over $5,000,000 with another recent spend of $350,000.  
  • If the project does not succeed it will reduce both ports’ efficiency, so operational costs will keep rising, Cairns regional economy and employment opportunities will suffer instead of progressing.
  • Already many cargo ships such fuel tankers arrive and depart with half loads because the channel is too shallow.
  • It is likely that HMAS Cairns will not increase it's activities and more Navy operations will be carried out in Townsville.   

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