Planning for the Future, Ports North Fact Sheet 1

Cairns Shipping Development Project

Ports North Fact Sheet 1: June 2016

(extract from ports North website:

Planning for the Future 

The Port of Cairns is a critical enabler of tourism, trade and defence for the region. The Cairns Shipping Development Project (CSDP) aims to develop Port infrastructure in order to secure a greater share of the lucrative international cruise ship market, enhance Naval capacity and improve Port efficiencies. 

Ports North is continuing to progress the CSDP completing a revised project scope to deliver a new opportunity to expand the Port of Cairns. This new approach will provide significant economic benefits to the Region while supporting future growth opportunities for Cairns and the Region.

CLICK the image below to download the new plan. 


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  • Emma Thirkell
    This is a welcome step on the path to modernising the Port of Cairns to meet the needs of today and the future, but the Sustainable Ports Development Act will stop any future work after this project is completed. The Commonwealth government must amend the Reef 2050 plan, and the Queensland government the Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015 to allow future capital dredging works for the Port of Cairns beyond this current project.