People power

People power can stop Governments stifling Cairns Port and improve the shipping channel, wharves and port land. This video explains the latest example of potential interference in port functions. Some assurances have been given but the 'proof is in the pudding'.  

This year we understand 19 cruise ships anchored at sea, off Yorkey's Knob because they couldn't enter the Cairns shipping channel.

Next year there will be 35 ships anchoring at sea, off Yorkey's Knob, with passengers subjected to potentially harsh transfer conditions and the possibility of no shore transfers due to bad weather.

We understand 31 of these ships are Mega class that could safely berth in Cairns Port, generating enormous income potential BUT this is prohibited as the Cairns Shipping Development Project has been excessively delayed and burdened with costs.

The Queensland Government and Ports North must be true to their responsibilities in protecting the future growth of the port for the city of Cairns.

VOTE 1 Cairns Port, for a safe passage.
Our port our future.


Our Port needs people power.
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