Cairns Port & Federal Election 2019

Cairns Port & the 2019 Federal Election


VOTE 1 for election candidates that support the original Cairns Shipping Development Project and 'priority port' status.


  1. The Federal Government Reef 2050 still BANS all future major capital expansion of the Cairns Shipping Channel.

  2. The Federal Government has forced marine sediment to be unnecessarily placed on land with a massive cost increase, leading to the downsizing of the current project by the State. 

  3. There is NO direct Federal funding committed to the Cairns port project, unlike the current Townsville port expansion project where the Prime Minister recently pledged $70 million. 


Remember the 20 page Cairns Post supplement that was published in 2016 in the lead up to the  Federal election, along with an open letter to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader?

It is still being ignored.




Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Leader of the Opposition,                 

On behalf of Cairns Port Development Incorporated, we AGAIN urge the Federal Government to commit to direct investment into the Cairns Shipping Development project to deepen and widen the Cairns Seaport. The State Government has reduced the project to one-quarter of the size, blaming costs forced by the Federal Governments Reef 2050 plan. The States downsized plan should be stage one of a larger project.       

Ships needing to access the port have been getting larger and the larger original project is critical to the region’s continuing progress.                                                                      

While the history of Cairns shows that land-based placement of dredged material pays off over time, the Federal Government, by requiring land-based placement, has added a substantial amount to the cost of the project with no apparent future dividend.

The small scale of works allowed for Cairns Port under the Queensland Sustainable Ports Development Act, the “teaspoon” provisions is nowhere near meeting the urgent needs for port upgrading, even after the smaller project is completed.

Scientific evidence indicates that shifting sediment from the shipping channel to another seabed area within the designated port limits would not affect the reef. The Great Barrier Reef is not ‘in danger of being destroyed’ by the Cairns Shipping Development Project. Please recognize and support the city and region’s people, who have always applied ‘best practice Australian standards’ to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Please find attached a Queensland Ports Association report: Sediments and Dredging at GBR Ports June 2018.

The full long term benefits of the project to the region need to be taken into the account.

We urge the Federal Government to live up to their responsibility to the people of Far North Queensland; to ensure Cairns seaport meets the region’s needs, now and into the future.

Yours faithfully

Ron Crew OAM





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CLIA report

CAIRNS POST extract 18/10/18 TREASURE SHIPS BRING CAIRNS $152M BOOST. A new report has revealed the staggering effect the cruise ship industry has on the Far North economy. According to Economic Impact Assessment of Cruise tourism in Australia 2017-18 - released by the Cruise Lines International Association Australasia and the Australian Cruise Association - Cairns is the fourth most popular cruising destination in the country, behind Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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CLIA report



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QLD Budget snubs Cairns Shipping Development Project

QLD Budget snubs Cairns Shipping Development Project

The Queensland Government has effectively 'kicked the can down the road' on the Cairns Shipping Development Project.

It does not have any funding in the 2018-19 budget, because the Federal Government has not approved the project.  

Any reference to the project in the budget papers is scant and found on pages 113 & 118 of the document. Click on the image to review it. 


Indeed the summation of the budget for Far North Queensland overlooks the project. Click on the image to review it.  

We must hold our State and Federal members accountable, as every year the project is delayed, our regional economy suffers lost earnings. 

Here is a list of people that can be emailed to lodge your views:

Hon. Warren Entsch,  MP for Leichhardt:

Hon. Josh Frydenberg Minister for Environment:


Hon. Jackie Trad, Treasurer of Queensland:

Hon. Mark Bailey, Minster for Ports:

Chief of Staff to Hon. Mark Bailey, Minster for Ports:


Hon. Micheal Healy MP for Cairns:

Hon. Curtis Pitt MP for Mulgrave:

Hon Craig Crawford for Barron River:


Please don't delay or hold back, especially the Federal members.  

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Cairns Port Supports New North QLD State

North Queenslanders who support Cairns port and all our ports, here is the presentation given by Cairns Port Development Inc. on Queensland day 6th June 2018. Clearly our port is about cash for Brisbane, not jobs for Cairns & region.

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Port project delayed and now wrapped with tourism hub.

Cairns Post extract May 26, 2018. Trifecta to lure tourism investor.

It is reported that the State government is 'wrapping' the Global Tourism Hub proposal up with the $120m Cairns Shipping Development Project & the Convention Centre expansion. The shipping project and Convention Centre will be subject to this years budget deliberations!!!!!!!! Forget about the fact that they were election promises.

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No final approval announced

Extract Cairns Post 8th May 2018: No final approval announced yet by the Queensland Government & Federal Government for the Cairns Shipping Development Project. Meanwhile Ports North loses the home-porting of Pacific Eden and now Pacific Aria.

The Queensland Government Coordinator General approved the project 28 Feb 2018. Building Queensland must approve the business case submitted by Ports North. 10 weeks has passed and we still wait for the announcement that the Commonwealth Department of Environment has approved the project against the EPBC Act.


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Anger as ship cancels visit

Anger as ship cancels visit

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People power

People power can stop Governments stifling Cairns Port and improve the shipping channel, wharves and port land. This video explains the latest example of potential interference in port functions. Some assurances have been given but the 'proof is in the pudding'.  

This year we understand 19 cruise ships anchored at sea, off Yorkey's Knob because they couldn't enter the Cairns shipping channel.

Next year there will be 35 ships anchoring at sea, off Yorkey's Knob, with passengers subjected to potentially harsh transfer conditions and the possibility of no shore transfers due to bad weather.

We understand 31 of these ships are Mega class that could safely berth in Cairns Port, generating enormous income potential BUT this is prohibited as the Cairns Shipping Development Project has been excessively delayed and burdened with costs.

The Queensland Government and Ports North must be true to their responsibilities in protecting the future growth of the port for the city of Cairns.

VOTE 1 Cairns Port, for a safe passage.
Our port our future.


Our Port needs people power.
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The Queensland Government are at it again!

The Queensland Government are at it again!
Remember the great community debate about "Val's Volcano" and the proposed placement of community facilities in the Working Port Buffer Zone.

They are at it again.  This time, they are wanting to put the extension of the Convention Centre into the same area with the same potential impacts on the port trade, estimated at over $600 million a year and underpinning close to 1000 direct jobs.

Major shipping operations are potentially impacted.
Seaswift Manager, Fred White, is objecting. Click here to read the media release. 
Cummings Economics is estimating the value of trade, economic activity and jobs potentially threatened. Click here to read the paper.

There are other opportunities to expand the Convention Centre rather than going onto the Working Port Buffer Zone.

The situation again emphasises the need for a sound long-term positive plan for Cairns Seaport.

Yours faithfully,

Ron Crew OAM,

Our Port needs people power. Please forward this email on to your contacts and ask them to join us at:


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