September 19, 2015
Contact: Emma Thirkell

Port Development Chairman Welcomes Parliamentary Report Endorsing Cairns as Priority Port

Port Development Chairman Welcomes Parliamentary Report Endorsing Cairns as Priority Port

Released: 2/9/2015
A parliamentary committee has unanimously voted in favour of Cairns being declared a Priority Port, thus endorsing the deepening and widening of the Port.   The committee's report was warmly welcomed by Cairns Port Development Chairman RON CREW, who has led the 'Save Our Port' campaign that has attracted wide public support throughout the city and region.
A delighted Mr. Crew notes that the committee included two MPs of the state Labor government as well as LNP MPs and Shane Knuth MP of the Katter Party.
"That all the parliamentarians agree with our position is really heartening - and I must stress that they did so following - in the very words of their comprehensive report - "after considered assessment of the impacts on the Great Barrier Reef".
Ron emphasizes another committee finding: Cairns as a Priority Port will deliver "economic benefits to the Cairns region".    
"The committee also considered the government's previous commitments to UNESCO and the ramifications of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan - yet unanimously supported Cairns recognition as a Priority Port."
Mr Crew concedes that the actual legislation that would confirm Cairns Priority Port status is still "in the balance" -and has vowed to continue the 'Save Our Port' campaign.
"Our petition has been solidly supported by the Far North Queensland public, and we already have thousands of signatures. I would urge people who have yet to sign our petition to do so very soon, as the closing date is very near, September 10. It is critical that we get the completed petition to the state government before September 15, when the legislation goes before parliament.
"We're receiving marvelous support from the entire community - and I would especially like to thank the local groups that have been of invaluable assistance, including Advance Cairns, Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Cairns Regional Council, the Cairns branch of the Maritime Union and Urban Development Institute of Australia".


We enclose below Committee Recommendation 12 
The committee unanimously recommends the Minister considers declaring the Port of Cairns as a
priority port following a considered assessment of:
· the environmental impacts on the Great Barrier Reef
· the economic benefits to the Cairns region, and
· the government’s commitments made to UNESCO and under the Reef 2050 Long-Term
Sustainability Plan.
Please contact Chris Forsberg 40 33 2619. Email: admin@cairns
Chairman: Ron Crew Phone 40551733

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