Cairns Port Development Inc.

This community-based association was established in 2015 to save the port of Cairns by supporting the Cairns Shipping Development Project. The Project is vital to the Cairns economy as it widens and deepens the shipping channel and upgrades port and wharf side infrastructure for cargo ships, cruise ships, and the Navy. The original project was downsized due to misinformation that it harms the reef. The smaller work is being carried out during 2019. The federal government's Reef 2050 plan still bans all future major capital expansion of the port after the downsized project is complete. The Reef 2050 plan and the related Queensland 2015 Sustainable Ports Development Act places an unnecessary cap on the economic future of Cairns and requires amendment. Please make contact via our Facebook page: Save the Port of Cairns or email admin@cairnsport.org.au.